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Our Story And Our Dream

Hoops 4 Health has been operating for 22 years in Northern Australia. A First Nations led business that blends the life experiences of its mentors with leading edge trauma informed neuroscience. The Hoops 4 Health entity has conjured up a massive 10 000 touch points of participants since 2010.

Creative and accessible solutions, such as healing- centred sport, offer a lot of untapped potential for healing and crime prevention. In fact, sport in particular is uniquely suited to be part of the solution because of the way that it inherently combines physical activity, relationships, structure, and competence building.

To ensure sustainability of the program, H4H Champions are identified in communities and can become accredited H4H Coaches, so the life changing messages of hope are continued. We provide these programs in our Hoops 4 Health Training Centre and also in the most vulnerable and remote populations in the world across Northern and Central Australia.

We want to keep this program and the dream of improving Indigenous peoples lives by teaching our healing centred sport model. We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and to re-empower youth that anything is possible and that living a  healthy life not just with their bodies, but within their minds too. 

We work in the most remote and vulnerable places in the Southern Hemisphere.  Our trauma and culturally informed model led by First Nations Coaches is unique, inspiring and builds resilience within those most at need.

Your contribution will have a positive impact on health and wellbeing in remote Indigenous communities.

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